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  • FSAstore.com is everything flex spending with zero guesswork. It’s both the largest online marketplace for guaranteed FSA-eligible products and an educational resource that you can actually understand. It’s the company’s mission to help millions of flexible spending account holders manage and use their FSAs and save on more than 4,000 health items using tax-free health money.
  • Note: Although we accept FSA Cards and most card purchases should auto-approve without you needing to submit further paperwork, your FSA Administrator might require a receipt for your purchase to substantiate the claim. Check out the Learning Center for more FSA-eligible tips and resources!




  • In an ever-shifting market, HSAstore.com is health savings, simplified. With the largest selection of guaranteed HSA-eligible products and easy-to-understand educational resources, we’re here to maximize consumers’ long-term health savings and help ease the financial burden of medical needs, should they arise.
  • Note: Although we accept HSA Cards and you will rarely need your receipt, we recommend that you hold onto your receipts in all cases in the event that your HSA is ever audited by the IRS. Not sold yet? Check out HSAstore.com to find tools, savings, and more!