COBRA Administration

What is COBRA?

COBRA was designed to protect former employees and their dependents when they experience a loss of coverage under a group health plan. Congress enacted continuation of health care coverage requirements in 1985, called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, commonly referred to as COBRA. Under COBRA, an employee receives continuation of health coverage that otherwise would have been terminated due to specific qualifying events. 

COBRA administration can be a complex process, with rules and regulations changing constantly. Making it even worse, virtually every aspect of COBRA is time-sensitive, so prompt and compliant actions are very important. Keystone Flex/COBRApoint takes the worry out of COBRA administration by taking the administrative burden off of you, the employer.

How can Keystone help YOU? 

When you contract with Keystone for COBRA administrative services, we promptly take care of the necessary communications, notices, forms, and record-keeping. Through our COBRApoint software we even handle the collection of premium payments connected with COBRA participants. In all, it’s a way to feel secure and keep you in compliance with complex federal guidelines. 

 • Keystone is strongly committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements. Penalties are steep – potentially costing an employer significant fines for each day of non-compliance. 

• COBRApoint maintains records on all COBRA correspondence. 

• COBRApoint establishes election and payment receipt deadlines. 

• COBRApoint provides proof of qualifying event notification. 

• Keystone also maintains customer service support for employees and employers.

Outsourcing COBRA saves time. Keeping up with changes to the law can be a full-time job, and administering COBRA directly can be just as time consuming. In addition to the work involved in preparing and mailing notices, tracking time frames, and processing elections and payments; Keystone will also addresses questions from your COBRA participants.

Let Keystone do the work for your organization so your HR Department can focus on other initiatives!